• Prize Monkey
    Like talk to your smart phone
    and other mobile devices
  • Pay
    You can buy nearly anything from a monkey machine. With your mobile phone & Prize Monkey, cashless vending has never been this easy...or fun. We're talking snacks, gadgets and even pay2play games.

    Connect to the free WiFi from any enabled monkey machine to instantly earn free prizes. You can earn real items in real places for watching videos, answering questions or sharing with friends.

    Redeeming rewards points for items can be a pain. We make redemption fun, easy and best of all instant. We're talking with your favorite stores to incorporate their programs.

  • module
    Monkey Module
    Use your device to buy from regular machines.
    monkey machine
    Monkey Machine
    Earn prizes instantly for your attention and feedback.
    monkey machine
    The Vault
    Pay2Play Mobile Games to win prizes instantly!
  • Video
Our Manifesto

We believe in fun. We prioritize your entertainment over everything else. If you're bored, we've failed. We don't like to fail but when we do, we learn and get better. We promise to always find ways of making your experience better, in every way possible. We believe in transparency and openness and seek to incorporate your input into everything we do. We're real people focused on ways to make real life more interesting. We like giving away real items to other real people in real time and we've only just begun...

Brad Thorne & Jerry Broughton